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What Dermatologists Really Truly Think of Pore Strips

“Remember when pore strips first surfaced? Happy teens graced television ads, peeling away a paper-like strip from their noses and marveling with delight at all the gunk that came out. For me, I’ve never truly experienced the happy-teen-in-a-pore-strip-commercial sensation: Usually, more

Myth Buster

Sugar Sag: The Bitter Truth About Sugar

Sure, no one likes the crash after a sugar high. And is that habitual 4pm Sprinkles cupcake really worth an expanded waistline? Although we all know that too much sugar can lead to internal health issues from increased more

Cosmetic Dermatology

Melasma Treatment Beverly Hills

Melasma or patches of irregular brown pigmentation is an acquired condition that most often appears on sun-exposed areas of the face. It primarily affects women of reproductive age; in fact, 25% of cases occur during pregnancy. It is more

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