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My Skin Care Regimen

Moy, Fincher, Chipps Facial Plastics & Dermatology is widely regarded as one of the leading dermatology practices nationally. Led by board-certified dermatologists Drs. Ronald Moy, Edgar Fincher, Lisa Chipps and Jennifer Herrmann – MFC has helped tens of thousands of patients with their skin care needs. From medical dermatology conditions to cosmetic dermatology concerns, there’s little the dermatologists at MFC have not treated. So, who better to ask about the ideal skin care regime? Stop trying department store skin care products with little results. Ditch the Pinterest at home facial masks. In this series of Question & Answer Interviews we go straight to the nation’s leading skin care experts to find out their daily skin care regimen.

How would you describe your skin type?

I am fair-skinned (skin type I-II) and as a result I have a tendency towards dryness, easy irritation, redness, inflammation and even Rosacea. Because of this, I have to focus my skin care on avoiding irritating products and providing a lot of hydration to my skin.

How would you describe your daily skincare regimen?

My basic daily skin care routine consists of washing with a gentle cleanser both morning and night to remove the oils and toxins, followed by replenishing the moisture with a good hydrating cream. I prefer foaming or crème cleansers since they are gentle on the skin yet effective in cleaning. Afterwards, I always apply a moisturizer to soothe and revitalize the skin. A few of my favorite plain moisturizers (non-medicated, no active ingredients) are Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream or SkinCeuticals Triple-Lipid Restore.

If you can, what is your one skincare tips to live by?

You have to protect your skin from the sun, so always apply sunscreen if you are going to be out of doors. Sunscreens must be gentle but absolutely effective for people like myself who will burn very quickly when exposed to direct sunlight. As such, I use Elta MD products. UV Clear for daily wear and UV Sport for golf, running, beach and other outdoor activities

What other advice to you have to achieve and maintain healthy skin?

The other important component of a good skin care regimen is to add a product that helps reverse sun damage and builds collagen. As far as rejuvenating products go, I have to be careful because most of these products such as retinoids and glycolic acids tend to cause more irritation which leads to red, dry and irritated skin. Those of us with lighter skin tend to be more sensitive to these products. I always encourage patients to use a retinoid (tretinoin), if tolerated, to firm and brighten skin and also to promote new collagen production. Tretinoin can be formulated into hyaluronic acid-based formulas that add hydration and ease the irritation associated with the retinoid. Using the product less frequently is also an option, for example every other night. Additionally, growth factor containing creams can also aid in building new collagen and promoting healthy beautiful skin. I recommend the DNA Regeneration Serum containing EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor).

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