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Q: What inspired you to become a dermatologist?

A: Throughout childhood and college, I always had very active left and right brains. Whether it was persevering to better understand how something worked or covering canvases in abstract swaths of color, my passions were either left or right-brained, but rarely both. Not until I was introduced to medicine, did I realize that it required both the analytics that my left brain loved and the art that fueled its right counterpoint. Dermatology, especially, combines these elements perfectly, which keeps it challenging, inspirational, and fulfilling. In Mohs skin cancer surgery, for example, I use my more analytic side to precisely remove cancers, and then recruit my more artistic side to help design and use facial plastic surgery to thoughtfully reconstruct wounds, making scars almost disappear. In cosmetic surgeries, I use both a scientific understanding of tissue-product or tissue-laser interactions as well as an artistic eye to help restore more youthful, naturally refreshed appearances. Relying on both my analytic and artistic senses allows me to best help my patients achieve their healthy skin goals.

Q: Why did you decide to practice dermatology in Beverly Hills?

A: While Beverly Hills is synonymous with “best in class” service, some also associate it with an “overdone” look. I like the challenge of striving for the opposite. I strive to make patients feel and look like the best versions of themselves, not other people. I’m not afraid to tell someone “no,” when I don’t believe a treatment they seek is an appropriate option for them, and my motto is “less is more.” If a patient has a friend say, “nice Botox,” then I have done my job incorrectly. I want patients to look refreshed and more confident, but not “over-corrected” or obviously “done.”

Q: Do you specialize in a specific area of dermatology?

A: While I’m board certified in general dermatology, I have specific post-residency fellowship training in procedural dermatology. I do treat all skin conditions, but am most passionate and have more expertise in Mohs micrographic surgery, facial plastic reconstructive surgery, laser treatments, and injectable fillers and muscle relaxants like Botox.

Q: What makes Moy, Fincher, Chipps Facial Plastics and Dermatology the leading dermatology practice in Beverly Hills?

A: All of our physicians are exceptionally well-trained, experienced, and strive to provide excellent care to all patients. We are conscientious, try to treat each patient with concierge level care, and give our honest opinions, even if that means “saying no.”  With over 30 lasers and devices, we can select the correct and best devices to help smooth lines and tighten skin without having to make one laser fit all problems. This means fewer treatments and more successful results for patients.

Q: What is one piece of skin care advise you frequently offer to your patients in Beverly Hills?

A: Although every patient I see receives a personalized skin care plan, in general, I try to simplify regimens. Many patients bring in a bag of 7-10 skin care items they use, and I help them distill their routine to 2-4 products. I’m a big believer in science and help patients sift through marketing hype and find products that will best serve their individual skin needs. Routines that are too complicated make skin care a chore rather than lifestyle!

Q: What is your approach to providing patient care?

A: Honestly, I treat patients as I would my family and friends with respect, integrity, and thoughtfulness. It’s a privilege to work on the face, and I carefully listen to each patient’s concerns, address these specifically, and formulate a reasonable approach to help patients reach their goals. Whether it’s attacking acne, removing and repairing a skin cancer, or softening facial lines, my patients and I work as a team to help them feel and look more confident in healthier and happier skin!

Q: What is one of your favorite things to do in Beverly Hills?

A: I love exploring new restaurants. A favorite? Café Gratitude on Canon!

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