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What inspired you to become a dermatologist?

The skin is amazing and reflects the overall health and wellness of the body. From medical dermatology to surgical procedures, we get to make patients feel safe, healthy, and confident in themselves.

Why did you decide to practice dermatology in Beverly Hills?

I grew up in LA and practicing with my father in my hometown was special to me and I love our patient population here

Do you specialize in a specific area of dermatology?

Facial cosmetic surgery, laser resurfacing, and cosmetics

What makes Moy Fincher Chipps Facial Plastics/ Dermatology the leading dermatology practice in Beverly Hills?

Moy Fincher Chipps are top experts in dermatology including skin cancer evaluation/treatments, healthy aging and enhancing natural beauty. Dermatology is always evolving, and we strive to incorporate the newest and safest technology and procedures to our patients

What is one piece of skin care advice you frequently offer to your patients in Beverly Hills?

Skin checks are so important even if you don’t have a family history. We love to prioritize skin health first and foremost

What is your approach to providing patient care?

Every patient is different and needs an individualized treatment plan that works with their body and lifestyle

What is one of your favorite things to do in Beverly Hills?

I enjoy beating my dad at tennis and the farmer’s market!

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