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Body Procedures

Sagging Neck

As we age, skin under our chin looses its firmness and begins to sag. As deep folds form, many patients are bothered by this “aged” look. Depending on the degree of sagging and your goals, both surgical and non-invasive methods are available to tighten and reduce excess skin. Radiofrequency devices and a minimally invasive surgical Neck Lift can tighten the skin.

Excess Neck Fat

Despite diet and exercise, fat deposits in specific problem locations as we age. When this occurs beneath the chin, if gives that undesired “turkey” neck look. To eliminate this, we offer both minimally invasive and surgical methods for correction. Kybella is an injectable substance that dissolves fat and Liposuction removes fat immediately.

Sun damaged chest

Chronic sun exposure gradually damages our chest skin. Brown spots and broken blood vessels appear first, followed by dull skin texture and wrinkling. A series of treatments with our IPL device, Clear + Brilliant laser or fractionated Erbium laser can even skin color, improve skin texture, and reduce fine lines.

Aged Hands

We’re often hyper-vigilant about protecting our faces from the sun, but it is easy to forget about protecting our hands. Decades of sun exposure lead to accumulation of brown spots, deep wrinkles, volume loss, and prominent vessels. Hand rejuvenation involves improving all of these age-related changes, and may include a combination of IPL and Erbium laser treatments, Radiesse injections, and/or Sclerotherapy for vein reduction.

Excess Body Fat

With every birthday, we tend to deposit more fat around our abdomens, lower backs, thighs and upper arms. Despite exercise and watching diet, sometimes getting rid off excess fat helps jump-start our confidence. We offer both non-invasive Vanquish radiofrequency treatments and minimally-invasive Liposuction to improve your body contour.

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