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My Skin Care Regimen

Moy, Fincher, Chipps Facial Plastics & Dermatology is widely regarded as one of the leading dermatology practices nationally. Led by board-certified dermatologists Drs. Ronald Moy, Edgar Fincher, Lisa Chipps and Jennifer Herrmann – MFC has helped tens of thousands of patients with their skin care needs. From medical dermatology conditions to cosmetic dermatology concerns, there’s little the dermatologists at MFC have not treated. So, who better to ask about the ideal skin care regime? Stop trying department store skin care products with little results. Ditch the Pinterest at home facial masks. In this series of Question & Answer Interviews we go straight to the nation’s leading skin care experts to find out their daily skin care regimen.

What is your morning routine?

I cleanse my face with the Hydrating Gel Cleanser. I take SOL Supplement to prevent sun damage and skin aging. I use the Daily Shield Lotion by Cellular MD for advanced UVA protection.

What is your nighttime routine?

I cleanse my face with the Hydrating Gel Cleanser I use the High-Impact Serum to diminish dark spots and to tighten skin. I then use the Cellular MD Hybrid Mask to repair the daily DNA damage accumulated over the day. I use the Intensive Eye Balm to thicken and tighten skin around the eyes. I take the NOX supplement to improve sleep and to help the body repair damaged DNA while sleeping.

What are your favorite skincare products?

The Cellular MD products are the best scientifically proven products to prevent skin cancer, aging, wrinkles, thin skin and sagging skin.

If you can, what is your one skincare tips to live by?

Use skin care products with proven active ingredients like DNA repair enzymes and epidermal growth factors contained in Cellular MD.

What other advice do you have to achieve and maintain healthy skin?

Laser resurfacing, radiofrequency tightening procedures and injectables that prevent wrinkling are easy procedures to maintain health skin.

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