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Dear Dr. Moy & Associates, Thank you kindly for taking care of me during this time of uncertainty about my face scar and helping fix the mistake of another.  I truly appreciate your care & kindness.

– Truly,  Blake

Thank you, Dr. Chipps, for your kind and caring treatment of me during my recent Mohs procedure. From your phone calls to the welcoming attitude of your staff, what might have been an unpleasant experience turned out quite the opposite. And for that I am truly grateful! Thank you all again.

– Dr. Lisa Chipps Patient

I saw Dr. Moy today for a MOHS procedure.  He was so nice and reassuring.  It ended up that he did not have to go deep enough for stitches (thank god).  He has already called to check on me and see how I was feeling.  I am totally impressed by him. Thank you Dr. Moy for a painless procedure and being so compassionate.  I will definitely refer you to my family and friends.

– Debbie J.

Professional! Kind! Knowledgable! Down to earth! Nice location in Beverly Hills with nearby parking lot (2 hours free!). I went there for one reason but Dr Chipps spent a long time w/me going over all my concerns; moles, beauty marks, sun spots, aging etc. my insurance didn’t cover it all but they were upfront about all costs.
Also, the nurses couldn’t have been nicer and all so smart…  I recommend!!!

– Jon C.

Jennifer Herrmann is definitely a big asset to this team. She is such a sweetheart! She sent my prescription directly to a pharmacy that she recommended ( which I was a little hesitant about at first) and turned out that her pharmacy of choice really saved me tons of money. She is great and I would recommend her to everyone!

– Tatiana S.

I had mohs surgery last month. dr. edgar fincher performed the procedure/surgery. he is very professional. i’m there for medical treatment, not to be entertained! i had two botched surgeries from another dr. and was sent to dr. fincher. WOW! what a difference! the staff is very professional. most are very friendly. my other dr. is no schmuck! he’s also in beverly hills, and has many patients. however, it was like day and night. my other dr. always ran/came late, would rush me, and usually told me to just put cortaid on my problem areas. i have had many skin cancer surgeries/procedures since 1994, so i know my body. i know the difference between a rash and a pre-cancer. the staff at dr. finchers office listen to me, and never make me feel stupid/silly for my concerns. i am healing very well. so well, the wound is hardly noticeable. will probably be nearly invisible in a few months. dr. fincher is very professional, and intense. which to some may appear as rude. but again, i’m there for treatments, not to tell jokes and play cards. i highly recommend this facility!

– Jack R.

I am VERY happy with the results of Jeff So’s work on the lines around my mouth.  His approach is to not “over do” a filler and go for the natural look.  The procedure addressed my issue without looking fake.  I am VERY pleased with the results.   The office is friendly and professional.  I highly recommend the professionals at Moy Fincher Chips

– Kari L.

Im so glad to them because i participated on an acne treatment and it works the people there is so kind and friendly and ofcurse they pay me as a compansation for my time and travels the same day i finished the treatment

– Nancy G.

Dr. Moy is the best.  He did a CO2 laser surgery on my face last summer.  I had a lot of sun damage.  He even did around my eyes and my lips.  I am thrilled with the results.  I was using his DNAEGF Renewal products prior to the surgery and they got rid of a  lot of fine lines and made my skin ready for the laser.  I am still using them to keep my skin looking great.  I have been told that the doctor must be really good for the results to turn out as well as mine did.

– Pam T.

I saw Dr. Chipps today and had a skin cancer screening.  She was very nice and put me right at ease.  She took her time in examining my skin and also answered any questions I had.  I felt like she actually cared.  I’ve been to so many dermatologists who seem to be put off by a simple screening appointment, like they would rather be elsewhere.  Dr. Chipps was a nice surprise in that the visit to her felt important and she cared.

– Heidi F.

Dr. Herrmann was simply fantastic–warm, thoughtful, and very helpful. I’ve seen a handful of derms in the past, none who really seemed to spend enough time to understand how much my skin condition bothers me. Dr. Herrmann sat down, listened to my concerns, and didn’t seem eager to bolt out of the room like other MDs. She devised a tailored regimen that is actually doable!! I’m glad I finally found someone I can trust. I’ve already booked my follow-up. Highly recommend her and her staff!!

– Mike G.

It’s been over a year since I went to Dr. Edgar Fincher – each time I saw him he was great.  Courteous, caring, attentive.  And whatever he did worked!  My hair has completely grown back.  I’m very, very grateful.  Ask for Dr. Edgar Fincher.  A gold star in the office.

– Sara M.

Jeff, Dr. Moy’s physicians assistant is amazing! I had moles on my face removed as well as the redness I had. He is very knowledgeable in all the skin lasers and about what you need.

– Cindy L.

I recently had the privilege to spend some time with this group of dermatologists as a visiting dermatologist (resident doctor). What an excellent group of clinicians and office staff. These dermatologists truly are cutting edge leaders and experts in the field. The care is top notch and personalized to meet the individual needs of each and every patient. The office staff are bright, caring, helpful, skilled and pay attention to detail. The clinic space and equipment are state of the art. Nothing but excellent things to say about this group and the excellent care they deliver to their patients.

– Chloe W.

Dr Moy is amazing. He is very patient and attentive. He is very calm and thorough. I trust him. He is not only a doctor but someone who listens completely and helps everyone.

– Christen C.

I highly recommend Dr. Lisa Chipps. She is a wonderful doctor, extremely skilled, confident in her abilities, but at the same time is caring and stays calm. Her staff and nurses are also wonderful. I met with many of the top MOHS doctors in beverly hills and there is no question she is the best. Most importantly my outcomes are better than I imagined.

– Rachel C.

Dr. Herrmann was very warm, knowledgeable and thorough. She spent 20-30 minutes with me and made sure all my questions were answered. I’m excited I finally found a great dermatologist!

– Lisa K.

All my visits with Dr. Fincher have been exemplary. His knowledge and professional demeanor are extremely comforting. Time spent in his office even considering the extenuating circumstances could not be more pleasant.

– Paul L.

I received such great care by staff members Jeffrey & Lena, really pushing the insurance through. I cried (at my work desk) when I was told that the insurance finally approved the much-needed medication! You guys are the best! Thank you for your service!

– Karen

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