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A keloid is a type of scar where the wound healing process produces a thick, ropey, often painful or itchy scar. Keloids may be pink or brown and can grow several inches off the skin. It is unclear what causes keloids but excessive skin tension (pull at a wound) and genetics likely contribute. Keloids are most common on the chest, shoulders, back and ears, and are 15 times more common in people with darker skin types. During the normal wound healing process, our bodies create scars to repair damaged skin. When keloids form, erroneous signals are sent to the forming scar telling it to continue to grow beyond what is needed to heal the wound.

Keloids can be very itchy and painful. Treatments often require multiple sessions and may involve medication injections into the keloid, compression therapy, and rarely surgery or radiation treatments. We understand that keloids cause pain, anxiety, and that they interfere with everyday life. We look forward to helping you reduce these growths and resolve your symptoms.

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