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Cosmetic Dermatology

Sculptra Foot Cushions

Love every inch even more with Sculpsure Aesthetic. Injectable foot cushions for ball of foot pain. Keep reading to learn more about Sculpsure Aesthetic treatments in Beverly Hills, CA.

The Problem

As we age, we lose fat not only in our faces, but also under the balls of our feet. Repeated compression of foot fat pads from walking or running makes them thinner and thinner over time, and consistent wearing of high heels accelerates this process. Stilettos with sky-rocket height and minimal platforms put excess pressure on the balls of the feet, eroding the fat pad cushions. When this occurs, the foot metatarsal bones lose their protection and each step becomes painful. Eventually it becomes difficult to walk in anything with a heel.

The Solution

Sculptra aesthetic can be injected beneath the metatarsal bones to restore cushion. Sculptra is a substance derived from lactic acid that is found naturally in the body. It stimulates your tissues to expand, which grows cushion naturally. We have specialized techniques to reduce injection pain and most patients walk out of the office noticing immediate improvement. For best results we recommend 2-3 treatments 4 spaced -6 weeks apart. Results last 12-24 months after which sessions can be repeated.

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