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GSD Expands Into Los Angeles: Announcing A New Partnership With Moy-Fincher-Chipps Facial Plastics & Dermatology

Golden State Dermatology (GSD) is pleased to announce a new partnership with the dermatology practice Moy-Fincher-Chipps Facial Plastics & Dermatology, with three locations in the Los Angeles area. The new partnership expands GSD’s footprint from the Bay Area and...read more

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MFC featured in SouthBay Magazine

MFC was recently featured on SouthBay Magazine. Read the article below:   A Real Beauty A local dermatology group helps clients achieve wellness—inside and out. Above L to R Jeffrey So, PA-C; Jennifer Herrmann, MD; Lisa Chipps, MD; Edgar...read more

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Dr. Ron Moy, Dr. Lauren Moy, and Kaitie RN featured on Botched

Dr. Ron Moy, Dr. Lauren Moy and Kaitie RN were all featured on the below episode of Botched.   View the Instagram Post...read more

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Spotlight On Mohs Surgery & GSD Women Dermatologists

Do you remember the 1970s? Bell bottoms, big cars, and baking in the sun with no thought of skin damage or cancer? While disco might have topped the charts in music, what wasn’t popular was dermatology – if you...read more

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Does Blocking Sun From Skin Prevent Vitamin D?

We’ve all heard so many stories about Vitamin D. If you live in a sunny climate you’re getting enough OR you can’t get enough so you have to take supplements OR just eat a healthy diet and you’re covered....read more

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Banish Acne From Going Back To School

As if back-to-school shopping wasn’t enough to tackle for our kids – what’s popular, what fits, what’s on sale? – you may be dealing with a teenager who’s suddenly convinced they can’t go back to school. “Look at my...read more

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Sunscreen Facts: Take Our Better Blocker Quiz

You know that sunscreen is a must to protect against cancer and premature aging. But do you know the difference between chemical vs physical sunscreen? If waterproof sunscreen is truly proof against the water? Or which chemicals in sunscreen...read more

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