Beautiful + Healthy Skin as a Lifestyle

We're not a "quick-fix" skin shop. We're not a "botox bar" pop-up. We believe in total skin health from the inside out, which requires commitment to healthy habits. From boosting internal defenses with nutrients to protecting against external insults like Ultraviolet rays, this blog offers advice on how to achieve and maintain healthy skin for the long-term. We navigate the hype and share the most evidence-based tips on topics from nutrition and stress reduction to the newest lasers and technologies that restore naturally glowing skin. It's simple. Beautiful and healthy skin is a lifestyle.

Cosmetic Dermatology

Melasma Treatment Beverly Hills

Melasma or patches of irregular brown pigmentation is an acquired condition that most often appears on sun-exposed areas of the face. It primarily affects women of reproductive age; in fact, 25% of cases occur during pregnancy. It is more.... read more


Sculptra Q&A with Dr. Jennifer Herrmann

If you wish to regain a more youthful appearance naturally, re-volumizing the face with injected Sculptra Aesthetic may be a perfect option for gradually restoring a younger looking you. Unlike many soft tissue “fillers,” Sculptra is a “volumizer” that.... read more

Myth Buster

Can I drink my way to wrinkle-free skin? Collagen Supplements and the Facts.

Collagen supplements, shakes, and shots are everywhere, promising improved skin hydration, elasticity, and wrinkle reduction. But, is there any substantial evidence behind the claim that ingested collagen is “scientifically proven” to deliver visible results? Celebrity spokespeople and dozens of.... read more

Cosmetic Dermatology

What surprising thing your face loses with aging: Bone

In just five minutes, we witness aging in rapid speed. But, how can we better understand the facial changes that accompany time’s advance? At first blush we notice the skin. Indeed, as we age, our skin thins and loses.... read more

Cosmetic Dermatology

CO2 laser Resurfacing

At Moy, Fincher, Chipps Facial Plastics and Dermatology in Beverly Hills, CA, our board-certified, fellowship-trained dermatologists can dramatically improve your skin with Fractionated Carbon Dioxide (CO2) laser resurfacing. This laser allows precise removal of aged, damaged skin, layer by.... read more

Skin Cancer

Are Chemical Sunscreens Safe?

Don’t get me wrong. Many chemicals are harmful to both your skin and your overall health, but classifying all chemicals as “unsafe” isn’t scientific. Clearly water, chemically depicted as H2O, isn’t the all-evil of your skin regimen. And the.... read more


NeoGraft Q&A with Jeffrey So, PA

Question 1. What is the difference between traditional strip method of hair restoration and NeoGraft? The biggest difference between Neograft and the strip method is that Neograft does not result in a major scar as the strip method, and.... read more

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