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In The Media

8 Ways to Get Sun Protection – Besides Wearing Sunscreen

Dr. Ronald Moy was recently featured in Shape Magazines’ article, ‘8 Ways to Get Sun Protection – Besides Wearing Sunscreen’. Here is an excerpt from the article, “Sun protection starts with sunscreen (every. single. day). Then a big hat....read more

In The Media

How to Relieve an Itchy Sunburn Fast, According to Dermatologists

Prevention – June 2019 Dr. Lisa Chipps provides her expert opinion in this recent article. Here’s an excerpt, “The only thing worse than an incredibly painful sunburn? An incredibly painful, itchy sunburn. You can get itchy for all sorts...read more


Bacteria: Not all bad

The word bacteria never conjures a warm fuzzy feeling. Indeed, bacteria is responsible for soured milk, strep throat and even deadly internal infections. But, when it comes to our skin, research has shown that bacteria plays an increasingly important...read more

Skin Cancer

Your Skin Cancer IQ

Who doesn’t love our sun, surf and sand? Southern California wouldn’t be what it is without its perfect climate. But, too much sun exposure can increase our risk for skin cancer. Skin cancer is now the most common type...read more

Skin Cancer

Are Chemical Sunscreens Safe?

Don’t get me wrong. Many chemicals are harmful to both your skin and your overall health, but classifying all chemicals as “unsafe” isn’t scientific. Clearly water, chemically depicted as H2O, isn’t the all-evil of your skin regimen. And the...read more

Skin Cancer

Mohs Surgery in Beverly Hills

There is no such thing as a healthy tan. Whether you lay out at the beach or tan indoors, you are at risk. Sun exposure is the greatest risk factor for nonmelanoma skin cancers: basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and...read more

Skin Cancer

Nicotinamide: The Vitamin that Prevents Skin Cancer

Sun protection is at the foundation of skin cancer prevention, but it’s often not enough. Studies have shown that most people, even those at highest risk for skin cancer don’t use sunscreens optimally. And skin cancer is still the...read more

Featured Article

Snack your way to Sun Protection

Sure, you slather sunscreen from head-to-toe at the beach and are known for your monstrous sun hat. But, external protection from damaging UV rays might not be enough under our intense so-Cal rays. It turns out that certain foods...read more

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