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What will a detox do for my skin?

“New year, new you,” promise the hottest new detoxes. And claimed benefits are appealing. Who doesn’t want to purge away those holiday overindulgences? Who doesn’t want to feel and even look better? Glowing, blemish-free skin? Increased energy? Weight loss?...read more

Myth Busters

Really, how bad is holiday alcohol for skin?

We make our list and check it twice. In-town friends? Cocktails. College buddies? Craft beer. Family dinners? Spiked eggnog. And of course, bubbly to ring in the New Year. We punctuate our holidays with alcohol, but one thing doesn’t...read more

Myth Busters

Sugar Sag: The Bitter Truth About Sugar

Sure, no one likes the crash after a sugar high. And is that extra portion of pecan pie really worth an expanded waistline? Although we all know that too much sugar can lead to internal health issues from increased...read more

Myth Buster

Are you using this potent skin Vitamin?

You’ve heard it before—Vitamin C is key for skin health. Indeed, a wealth of scientific research has supported this vitamin’s role in optimizing skin function, and almost every cosmeceutical company offers a litany of Vitamin C products. But, what...read more

Myth Buster

Gluten-free skin products: Are they worth it?

You’ve seen your favorite brands roll out entire lines of gluten free (GF) products, and maybe you’ve even followed, liked, and shared posts on “who makes the best GF blush.” Once devoted to the back corner of health food...read more

Myth Buster

Supplements and Safety: What you need to know.

Supplements versus prescription drugs: which group is safer? It’s not surprising that instinct tells us supplements. After all, supplements are branded as “natural, holistic, and less toxic.” They come beautifully packaged, have celebrity backing, and are sold at Whole...read more

Myth Buster

Does dairy flare up your skin? Meet the new plant-based milk alternatives.

Part Two: Did you know that dairy may be worsening your acne? We’ve discussed why here, but it stems from a combination of hormones and proteins in milk that trigger both inflammation and oil production. Need some milk alternatives,...read more

Myth Buster

What does ditching dairy do for your complexion?

Part One: As a teen with acne, did your parents offer encouraging words, gently reminding that it was “just a phase” you would grow out of? The problem is that acne often persists into adulthood, now more so than...read more

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