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Halloween Makeup to Use If You Have Sensitive Skin, According to the Pros

PopSugar, September 2018

“PopSugar spoke with dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Herrmann, MD, of Moy-Fincher-Chipps Dermatology in Beverly Hills and Mehron Professional Makeup Artist Pamela Faller about products that can be the most detrimental, plus what you should use when you have sensitive skin. Keep reading to learn more about what to pick up this season.” See the full article.

Repair DNA Damage While You Sleep

Elle, August 2018

“According to Beverly Hills dermatologist Ronald Moy, MD undoing even some of the damage caused by debris, toxins, digital light, and UV rays will help keep skin healthy. His RMD skin-care line harnesses the power of DNA repair enzymes, derived from plankton, blue algae, and mustard greens (try RMD DNA Night Renewal lotion, $130).” See the full article.

The Innovative New Sunscreens That Cut Your Skin-Care Routine In Half

Refinery29, July 2018

“Dr. Moy notes that SPF only measures redness, not DNA damage and aging — a major oversight, as far as he’s concerned. So he created this sunscreen packed with plant and marine-based DNA repair enzymes geared to target and repair damaged DNA, something that may be particularly helpful after the age of 30, when our own DNA repair enzymes start to decrease. DNA Renewal DNA Sheer Defense Medium, $65.00, available at DNA Renewal.” Read more.

<h2″>14 Things Your Dermatologist Wishes You’d Stop Doing

Bustle, June 2018

“When it comes to skin care advice, many of us love turning to our favorite celebrities and beauty vloggers for guidance, but even those with the brightest complexions or the biggest followings would admit that they are no licensed expert. Only dermatologists can confidently speak about what you should be doing — and also not doing — to better your skin health. While there’s nothing wrong with getting pimple-zapping tips or product recommendations from your favorite famous beauty faces, it can be difficult to navigate all of the information floating around on Instagram and YouTube. Who can you really trust? Dermatologists, that’s who.” Read more.

These Face Masks for Acne Just About Guarantee a Clear Complexion

My Domaine, June 2018

“To say acne can ruin your day, week, or even your month is an understatement when you feel like you’re fighting (and losing) an uphill battle with those pesky blemishes. But that’s where some of the best face masks for acne come in—and you can even pick up some at your local drugstore. “Many women with acne struggle with picking and the vicious cycle it creates,” says Elyse Shelger RN, director of medical operations at Skin Laundry. “Soothing and healing masks can help calm redness and irritation.” Read more.

12 Dermatologist-Approved Drugstore Night Creams Under $35

My Domaine, June 2018

“It’s not just you—everyone is obsessed with skincare right now. From savvy Sephora employees to the always-glowing Jennifer Aniston, everyone seems to be sharing their holy-grail skincare products, and we’re taking note. But just because self-care feels indulgent doesn’t mean that it has to come with a luxury price tag. (Case in point: The $0 anti-aging treatment Meghan Markle swears by.)” Read more.

This Holy-Grail Face Sunscreen is “Light & Effective”, Says a Dermatologist

My Domaine, June 2018

“Now that summer is just days away (28 to be exact), we’re breaking out the rosé, stacking beach-friendly books on our to-read piles, and pinning summer salads to our recipe boards on Pinterest. With sunnier days on the horizon, we here at MyDomaine headquarters are also editing our skincare routines in anticipation of spending blissful hours sitting by the pool and lounging on the shore.” Read more.

The Best Anti-Aging Lotions “Add Intense Moisture and Shine”- Here Are 10

My Domaine, June 2018

“In Nora Ephron’s famous essay “I Feel Bad About My Neck,” she writes one witty but pointed line in her knowing humor about why she’s uncomfortable about this particular body part. “Our faces, our lies, and our necks are the truth,” she muses. In Ephron’s eyes, there’s not much beyond surgery and strategic clothing that can hide this fact. But what if lotions were able to trick time from the chin down? Enter: a new approach to skincare.” Read more.

Carrie Underwood Debuted Her Face Last Night After Receiving 40 Stitches

Byrdie, April 2018

“As music fans, we’re pretty used to our favorite artists teasing us when it comes to a big reveal. Except usually, the big reveal involves a highly anticipated single or album release—not their face. And yet in the disturbing wake of country singer Carrie Underwood’s nasty fall in November 2017 (in which she reportedly broke her wrist and was treated for numerous cuts and abrasions, which led to roughly 40 stitches in the singer’s face), Carrie Underwood has done just that—keeping fans and well-wishers in the dark regarding the exact state of her recovery and the appearance of her face post-fall.” Read more.

FYI: Dermatologists Say These Are the Best Moisturizers for Rosacea.

Byrdie, April 2018

“According to Jennifer Herrmann, MD, FAAD, at Moy, Fincher, Chips Facial Plastic Surgery and Dermatology in Beverly Hills, “Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition characterized by diffused redness, flushing, pustules, bumps, and skin thickening (aka fibrosis) and which may be triggered by things like heat, spicy or citrus foods, alcohol, exercise, and sun exposure.”‘ Read more.

14 Beauty Ingredients to Avoid During Pregnancy

Byrdie, March 2018

“We’re beginning to enter a world where ruling out toxic ingredients in our beauty regimens is becoming more mainstream. The education is right at our fingertips, and the sheer scope of natural and organic products is bursting at the seams. Admittedly, though, I myself pay close attention to the labels on my skincare products, but when it comes to makeup, I’m much less discerning—it’s hard to give up a foundation and mascara you’ve been using for years when no natural alternative seems to quite match up.” Read more.

Here’s Why I Finally Decided to Get Fillers at Age 37 (and Loved It!)

My Domaine, March 2018

“While I have never shied away from testing new facial lotions, chemical peels, or lasers (I’ve even used my own blood as a serum), having injections or undergoing cosmetic surgery has always made me feel nervous. (Of course, we support freedom of choice and wholeheartedly believe everyone has the right to do whatever they want to their face and body whenever they choose to—without judgment or shame.)” Read more.

Just In: Here’s What Dermatologist Really Think About Polypeptides in Skincare

Byrdie, March 2018

“We’ll be the first to admit that there are enough enticing skincare technologies, ingredients, and product compilations to excite, overwhelm, and last even the most avid skincare junkie a lifetime. And since virtually every buzzword and ingredient makes lofty promises (many of which claim miracle—aka realistically impossible—results), it’s important to have information on what you’re putting on your skin just like you might research a new supplement or wellness trend you’re trying.” Read more.

We Asked Scalp Experts: Can Home Remedies for Thicker Hair Actually Work?

Byrdie, February 2018

“When it comes to the search for thicker hair, we live in a world with lots of quick fixes: extensions, styling hacks, and plenty of other suspect products on the market that promise lustrous results with just a pop of a pill or spread of a cream. But what about results that are actually sustainable? Is there such a thing? And are there any home remedies for thicker hair that can actually make a difference in the long run?” Read more.

Should Your Period Affect Your Skin-Care Routine?

Refinery29 + Yahoo, February 2018

“The next time you find yourself immobilized on the couch, weeping over an animal-rescue group’s Instagram feed with an electric heating pad resting on your stomach, a full-size Snickers bar in one hand, and a box of Midol in the other (because that’s what all women do when they’re on their periods, right?), remember how lucky you are. You’re alive; you’re fertile; you’re not sequestered in a menstrual hut or living in a time or place where tampons either haven’t been invented yet or aren’t accessible to you.” Read more on or

Skin Care 101: Lasers

Caviar & Cashmere, February 2018

“I have been going to the dermatologist since I can remember. My grandmother and mother always stressed the importance of taking care of your skin, and began taking both myself and my sister to the dermatologist from a young age to get our yearly skin check-ups. I tend to listen to any advice my mother and grandmother give, as they both look beyond amazing for their ages, and seem to know what they’re talking about. I got into a cadence of going to see a dermatologist at least once a year to ensure my skin was not only healthy today, but informed on how to stay healthy and looking my best tomorrow.” Read more.

3 Dermatologist-Approved Vitamin C Creams for “Brighter, Firmer Skin”

My Domaine, February 2018

“Aside from taking age-defying supplements and eating our way to glowing skin, we’ll admit that we’re also intrigued by the benefits of using topical vitamin C products for attaining Liv Tyler–level luminous skin. In the pursuit of a more radiant complexion, we set out to discover whether or not we should add products with this active ingredient to our top shelves.” Read more.

All The Differences Between A $2 Acne-Fighting Product & A $200 One

Refinery29, January 2018

“Maybe you navigate the nuanced world of skin care with ease, able to differentiate your essential oils from your plant extracts like an old pro, or maybe you still associate acne spot treatments with the goopy white stuff from the drugstore that bleached your pillowcases as a teenager and made your face smell faintly of egg. Either way, there’s a solid chance you’ve heard of — and probably even used — salicylic acid.” Read more.

Honestly, This $29 Kojic Acid Serum Will Brighten Up Your Winter Skin

My Domaine, January 2018

“If you’ve been searching for the holy grail of brightening skincare products to add to your top shelf, then you’ve probably noticed one active ingredient on nearly every label you check: kojic acid. Lauded as a miracle product that reduces hyperpigmentation, prevents breakouts, and delivers results in as little as two weeks, this naturally occurring acid is, unsurprisingly, a staple ingredient in almost every product that promises glowing skin.” Read more.

Renowned Dermatologist Dr. Ronald Moy On 3 Skincare Resolutions You Should Keep

Forbes, January 2018

“Because the world of beauty and grooming can oftentimes be an overwhelming one, we asked renowned Beverly Hills dermatologist of MFA Dermatology and founder of DNA Renewal, Dr. Ronald Moy, to chime in on the three skincare resolutions everyone must make this year – regardless of age, gender, and background.” Read more.

10 Skin Mistakes You Make During The Holidays, According To Dermatologists

Bustle, December 2017

“With all of the busy merriment that happens during the holiday season, it’s easy to let your usual routines fall by the wayside — and that includes your skin care habits. Unfortunately, the holidays are also one of the most important times to be paying attention to your complexion, because there are plenty of skin mistakes to be made during all of the festivities.” Read more.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Skincare in Your 40s

My Domaine, December 2017

“Establishing a proper skincare routine can be daunting at any age, but once you reach 40, the pressure to use the right products can feel all the more intense. On top of taking care of your skin’s overall health, specific concerns like increasing pigmentation and burgeoning wrinkles are suddenly on your radar.” Read more.

5 Eye Creams That Make You Look Younger

Byrdie, December 2017

“We know that a bright eye area is essential to looking fresh and alert even when we feel less than. And while a cooling eye gel and brightening concealer can work wonders on a dark and puffy under-eye situation, withered skin and wrinkles are a bit harder to disguise. To get the skinny on the best eye creams for wrinkles, we reached out to dermatologists Michele Farber, MD, at Schweiger Dermatology Group, Ronald Moy, MD of Rodeo Derm, and Julie Russak, MD, for their favorite eye creams that protect against and reduce the appearance of fine lines and crow’s-feet.” Read more.

All the Things You Can Do to Your Face Now That Summer Is Over

Racked, September 2017

“Now that Labor Day is behind us, it’s time to gear up for the new season. That means boots, sweaters, and… retinol? It’s a good time to tweak your skincare and even take a look at some in-office procedures you may have been considering. A lot of dermatologists won’t perform certain procedures in the summer because you need to stay out of the sun after you get them done, but it’s safe to explore them now.” Read more.

Inexpensive Holiday Gifts Under $100 That Are Sure to Impress

E! News, December 2017

You know what’s better than an eye cream? An eye balm. DNA’s new select is made with skin-tightening ingredients like peptides and hyaluronic acid, and soothing agents like chamomile and cucumber extract. Gift to your mom, your sister, your bestiebasically anyone who’s a fan of anti-aging skincare. Read more.

What Dermatologists Really, Truly Think of Pore Strips

Byrdie, December 2017

“Remember when pore strips first surfaced? Happy teens graced television ads, peeling away a paper-like strip from their noses and marveling with delight at all the gunk that came out. For me, I’ve never truly experienced the happy-teen-in-a-pore-strip-commercial sensation: Usually, when I peel them away, my eyes water, I pause in between small tears to take a breather, re-evaluate my life decisions, and curse the skin gods for burdening me with clogged pores, all to finally unveil just a few clogs leftover on the strip.” Read more.

5 Dermatologist-Approved Serums for a More Youthful-Looking Complexion

My Domaine, December 2017

“Between identifying your skin’s needs and navigating the active ingredients lists on product labels, shopping for a serum can be a daunting task. Anyone who has ventured down the skincare aisle at Sephora can attest that this seemingly simple decision involves testing out dozens of products. Considering the steep price tag (not to mention the fact that you’re applying these directly to your delicate skin), the stakes for choosing the right serum are actually pretty high.” Read more.

A Dermatologist Shares the Best Anti-Aging Serums (and What They Really Do)

My Domaine, November 2017

“Deciphering all the products in the skincare section at a beauty store can be as difficult as learning a foreign language. Between all the cleansers, masks, toners, serums, lotions, and potions, how are we supposed to decide which ones we need, and of those essentials, which options are best? Indeed, developing a comprehensive, personalized skincare routine is intimidating, especially if it’s unfamiliar territory and as we start thinking about more specialized products that target certain concerns. The more specific the product, the more eyebrow-raising it is, but they’re also highly effective and easy to understand if you hone in.” Read more.

Byrdie Beauty

Byrdie Beauty, March 2017

“This is the Regeneo Facial, an age-rewinding, skin-resurfacing treatment that promises to revert even the dullest, most weathered and uneven complexions to a bright and youthful state. Offered by the celeb-frequented practice Moy, Fincher, Chipps Dermatology in Beverly Hills, it’s essentially a version of the Kardashian-endorsed “vampire facial.” Read more

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, September 2015

“Protecting your skin from daily life or keeping it plump looking is not enough. Ideally, you give it waht it needs to grow stronger from the inside out. That’s why ingredients like peptides and growth factors, which stimulate collagen production, are so promising, says Grossman. One recent study found that twice-daily application of a growth factor was able to significantly reduce under-eye bags after only three month.”

Newest Facial Fillers That Erase Lines Without Surgery

Los Angeles Times, July 29, 2012

If you’re over 40, you probably remember that first time someone called you “Ma’am” or “Sir.” It almost surely hurt, no matter how young and fit you felt. Evidently, your age was showing in those wrinkles and sags.

LA Confidential: Cutting Edge – Best LA Surgeons

LA Confidential, April, 2012

“Beauty philosophy: According to Moy, the solution to Angelenos’ desire to remain forever young often lies in minimally invasive techniques. A leader in the anti-aging medical movement, Moy believes in utilizing new research and a comprehensive approach to restore a youthful complexion—no cutting required.” Read more

Are Lasers Your Last Resort?

BeautyLish December 28, 2011

“Laser light is designed to pass through the skin until it reaches its target, where it’s absorbed by the targeted cell and converted into heat. The cell is damaged by the heat, then heals itself. “When the cell heals, we can see clinical improvement,” says Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Director of Dermatologic Surgery, Lisa Chipps, M.D. “The beam of light you see is a laser wavelength targeted to treat a specific component and depth of the skin, a scientific principal known as selective photothermolysis,” explains Dr. Chipps.”

My Pre-Emmy, Celeb-Worthy Facial

Total Beauty, 2011

“On a cloudy Friday morning, just two days before my red carpet rendezvous, I went to see Lynn Hesselton, medical aesthetician at the Moy-Fincher-Chipps practice on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Calif. for my treatment…The facial was nothing short of star treatment. I looked at my skin, and it did indeed look a bit brighter and cleaner…”

Beverly Hills Courier: Laser 101 At Moy Fincher Chipps

Beverly Hills Courier, January, 2011

Getting rid of wrinkles used to mean aggressive ablative lasers with downtime and discomfort. Not anymore. Moy-Fincher-Chipps Facial Plastics-Dermatology boasts a new generation of lasers at its Rodeo Drive practice.

“The practice works with a variety of lasers which target the hallmarks of aging—wrinkles, brown spots, broken capillaries and sagging skin,” said Dr. Ronald Moy. “MFC creates a customized anti-aging program for our patients utilizing either an individual or often a combination of the most advanced laser technology,” added Moy.

“Faster healing is important for our clients,” said MFC partner Dr. Lisa Chipps. “With the selection of lasers the practice has available we are able to correct the problem your skin has without destroying the skin. Faster healing means getting back to work with great looking skin within a 24-hour or less period,” added Chipps.


Glamour Magazine: The Skin Cancer Guru

Glamour Magazine, November, 2011

“Dr. Chipps, a 37-year-old mother of two, specializes in removing skin cancer and repairing the resultant wound (she’s a laser therapy whiz) at her practice on Rodeo Drive. A practicing Buddhist, dr. Chipps is a bona fide ninja (a green belt!) was the captain of her college sailing team and once helped deliver a baby llama. If that doesn’t make her sound magical enough, she also teaches at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, gives free public skin-cancer screenings and volunteers at a aclinic for indigent patients. Inspiring!”

Your Go-To Guide For Awards Season in Los Angeles

HauteLiving Magazine, January 26,2011

“Dr. Lisa Chipps: There’s always going to be something new and cutting edge in skin rejuvenation and right now, it’s
Pelleve. This wrinkle reduction system goes after those nasty little wrinkles with virtually no pain, no downtime,
and needs no anesthesia. After just one hour treatment, you’ll see firmer, tighter skin, which will last you not only
for award season, but up to the next six months.” Read more

NBC Los Angeles: New Laser Turns Back Time

NBC Los Angeles, February, 2011

The Fractional Erbium Laser is brand new — and Beverly Hills Dermatologist Ronald Moy is the first in the Los Angeles area to offer it to patients. “The main advantagae of the the new laser is it can tighten the skin and help resurface especially this crinkly skin under the eye and help with the brown spots from sun damage,” Dr. Moy explained. And the healing is much quicker. Only two days compared to the seven days that follows treatment with the Fractional CO2 laser. Dr. Moy says the Fractional Erbium Laser goes as deep but doesn’t cause as much damage. “It’s really the wavelength of the laser is such that it doesn’t cause as much thermal destruction, or burning,” Moy said. And that means less pain.

Marie Claire Magazine

Marie Claire Magazine, February, 2010

“Wrinkling, freckles, skin thinning — everything we associate with aging is really sun damage, which is essentially DNA damage,” explains Moy. After someone goes tanning, you can measure DNA damage by testing the amount of toxins excreted by their urine.” When you’re 20, DNA repair enzymes in your skin are doing their job, but these enzyme levels drop as you get older. Moy suggests supplementing your body’s own supply with serums and creams fortified with DNA repair enzymes from natural plant sources like plankton.”

Doctors To Trust In Trying Pellevé, January 26, 2010

Dr. Edgar and Helen Fincher of Fincher Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery can also verify the effectiveness of Pellevé™ on their patients. Not only are they specialists in laser, cosmetic and Mohs micrographic surgery, they can administer a safe, painless and effective Pellevé™ experience.

Special FX

New You, January 21, 2010

When it comes to lasers and eye treatments, there are two distinctly different applications. With one, the lasers are used for surgical cutting, taking the place of a scalpel. For the other, using a laser is a process to resurface facial skin.

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