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5 Wrinkle Causing Habits to Ditch!

Posted on: April 11th, 2017 by Dr. Jennifer Herrmann

Wearing sunscreen on sunny days only: There is nothing that ages us more than UV damage from the sun. Although many of us reach for the SPF before heading to the beach, it’s so important to get in the habit of using a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, especially on your face. Pick a sunscreen that matches your skin type. For acne-prone skin, try an oil-free product. For sensitive skin, use a fragrance-free mineral based product. And for ultimate sun protection with skin repair, try a product with DNA repair enzymes like our Sheer Defense. The best sunscreen is the kind you wear, so finding one that fits your skin is key!

  1. Not wearing sunglasses: We all know sunscreen can help prevent aging and wrinkles, but sunglasses are important too. Whenever we squint, we crease the skin around our eyes, deepening wrinkles. Eventually, these wrinkles become etched in crow’s feet. Find a pair of sunglasses you love and wear them with anti-aging confidence! If you already have fine lines around your eyes, a muscle relaxant like botox or dysport can help soften your look. See one of our physicians for your treatment today!
  1. Not exfoliating: Our skin renews itself about once monthly, and if old skin builds up, wrinkles become more noticeable. Exfoliating removes old skin and leaves brighter fresh layers showing, keeping you looking younger. Using a gentle, irritant free moisturizer after exfoliation to lock in this youthfulness!
  1. Sleeping on your side: For those of us who are side-sleepers, it may be a habit to ditch. When we sleep on our sides, we wrinkle our chest skin and the side of our face that is pressed against the pillow. If creasing becomes a nightly ritual, these wrinkles stay put and make you look older.
  1. Smoking: Sure, we all know smoking is bad for our lungs and heart, but it’s also terrible for our skin. Smoke particles prevent oxygen from reaching the skin, leaving it dull, flat, and more easily damaged. Moreover, frequent pursed lips eventually lead smoker’s lines around the mouth, which are tremendously aging. Seriously, it’s time to ditch this habit!

Ditch these habits to prevent wrinkles!

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