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Myth Buster

Gluten-free skin products: Are they worth it?

You’ve seen your favorite brands roll out entire lines of gluten free (GF) products, and maybe you’ve even followed, liked, and shared posts on “who makes the best GF blush.” Once devoted to the back corner of health food...read more

In The Media

3 Dermatologist-Approved Vitamin C Creams for “Brighter Firmer Skin”

My Domaine, February 2018 “Aside from taking age-defying supplements and eating our way to glowing skin, we’ll admit that we’re also intrigued by the benefits of using topical vitamin C products for attaining Liv Tyler–level luminous skin. In the...read more


Minimally Invasive Neck Lift Q&A with Dr. Ronald Moy

A less invasive neck lift is an outstanding procedure for neck rejuvenation that is achieved with fewer incisions, less pain and minimal downtime. The aging neck is defined by pigmentation changes, loose skin, lax muscles, horizontal wrinkles, loss of...read more

In The Media

Skin Care 101: Lasers

Caviar & Cashmere, February 2018 “I have been going to the dermatologist since I can remember. My grandmother and mother always stressed the importance of taking care of your skin, and began taking both myself and my sister to...read more

Featured Article

Should Your Period Affect Your Skin-Care Routine?

Refinery29 + Yahoo, February 2018 “The next time you find yourself immobilized on the couch, weeping over an animal-rescue group’s Instagram feed with an electric heating pad resting on your stomach, a full-size Snickers bar in one hand, and...read more

Featured Article

We Asked Scalp Experts: Can Home Remedies for Thicker Hair Actually Work?

Byrdie, February 2018 “When it comes to the search for thicker hair, we live in a world with lots of quick fixes: extensions, styling hacks, and plenty of other suspect products on the market that promise lustrous results with...read more

Medical Dermatology

Best Rosacea Treatments

Do I have Rosacea? The skin on my face flushes, and I now have background redness and intermittent break-outs. These are all symptoms of rosacea, a common, chronic and progressive disorder. Symptoms might start on the face, but they...read more


Facial Plastic Surgery for Men Q&A with Dr. Edgar Fincher

Our culture encourages men and women to get fit, eat healthy, and take an interest in their appearance. New technologies that can quickly provide dramatic results with little downtime are especially appealing. Men and women want to age gracefully,...read more

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