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Cosmetic Surgery

Scarless Surgery: How close can we get?

A scar marks the final stage of a coordinated healing process after your skin suffers a wound. It’s an amazing, but imperfect operation that creates a replacement that never quite measures up in strength or color to its original...read more

In The Media

Just In: Here’s What Dermatologist Really Think About Polypeptides in Skincare

Byrdie, March 2018 “We’ll be the first to admit that there are enough enticing skincare technologies, ingredients, and product compilations to excite, overwhelm, and last even the most avid skincare junkie a lifetime. And since virtually every buzzword and...read more

In The Media

Here’s Why I Finally Decided to Get Fillers at Age 37 (and Loved It!)

My Domaine, March 2018 “While I have never shied away from testing new facial lotions, chemical peels, or lasers (I’ve even used my own blood as a serum), having injections or undergoing cosmetic surgery has always made me feel...read more

In The Media

14 Beauty Ingredients to Avoid During Pregnancy

14 Beauty Ingredients to Avoid During Pregnancy Byrdie, March 2018 “We’re beginning to enter a world where ruling out toxic ingredients in our beauty regimens is becoming more mainstream. The education is right at our fingertips, and the sheer...read more

Cosmetic Dermatology

A New Alternative to IPL for Pigmentation Problems

The PiQ04 Pigmentation Laser The PiQ04 Pigmentation Laser is revolutionary. It’s the first 4-wavelength picosecond and Q-switch laser that uses laser energy to treat a wide range of pigmentation disorders with minimal downtime and without scarring. It is the...read more

Myth Buster

Are you using this potent skin Vitamin?

You’ve heard it before—Vitamin C is key for skin health. Indeed, a wealth of scientific research has supported this vitamin’s role in optimizing skin function, and almost every cosmeceutical company offers a litany of Vitamin C products. But, what...read more

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