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Greens! Why you gotta do them.

You’ve heard it before. Greens are good for you! But, they’re amazingly good for your skin. Why? It probably has to do with the tough life of a leaf. Think of the leaf as the work-horse of the plant:...read more

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All the Things You Can Do to Your Face Now That Summer Is Over

“Now that Labor Day is behind us, it’s time to gear up for the new season. That means boots, sweaters, and… retinol? It’s a good time to tweak your skincare and even take a look at some in-office procedures...read more

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Probiotics for the face?

If you embrace healthy dietary recommendations, you’re probably consuming kefir and kimchi, which aid in digestion and promote immune function. But, recently the billion-dollar beauty industry has jumped on board too, and probiotics are in everything from cleansers to...read more

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Your Sleeping Beauty. Not just a fairy tale

Sleeping Beauty was onto something. Although we are all aware of the effects of a poor night’s sleep—poor concentration, irritability, foggy fatigue—too little sleep also reeks havoc on your skin. Dark circles, eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles? Even...read more

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Better to Fake than Bake? Self Tanner Safety

Sitting in the sun may bronze your skin, but any tan caused by the sun signals skin damage. “A tan is really a sign that one of your body’s defense mechanisms is at work,” says Dr. Jennifer Herrmann. “Your...read more

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