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Banish Blemishes with the Ultimate Guide to Acne Treatments

For many women, teens, and men, acne can be a source of constant frustration and diminish self-esteem. Its effects range from intermittent breakouts to inflamed bumps and frustrating blemishes. While acne is a chronic condition, you don’t have to...read more

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Busting the Myths of Folliculitis: A Guide to Smooth Skin this Summer

As the summer sun beckons us to enjoy its warm embrace, many of us eagerly anticipate poolside parties, beach outings, and outdoor adventures. However, the increase in heat and humidity can sometimes lead to unwanted skin issues, including a...read more

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Why Your Beverly Hills Dermatologist Wishes You Knew the Benefits of Morpheus8

Over time, skin loses elasticity and firmness, causing it to sag, wrinkle, and form fine lines. The appearance of these common signs of aging can make you look older and constantly tired. But you can turn back the hands...read more

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From the Neck Up: Techniques and other tips for cosmetic success.

A facelift procedure that is safe and effective is sure to bring a smile to the patient and the dermatologist. That’s the goal, said Beverly Hills, California, dermatologist Lauren Moy, MD, FAAD, who was among the panelists at the...read more

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