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Cosmetic Dermatology

Neograft Procedure

Your hair plays a major role in your self-image as well as how you are perceived. Studies report that a receding hairline and hair loss negatively impact self-image and quality of life. The old methods of hair transplantation have been replaced with Neograft, the pioneer in minimally-invasive, fully automated follicular unit hair transplants. It is FDA approved for both men and women.

The benefits of Neograft are significant:

  • Recreates thick, full and natural looking hair lines, with your own hair.
  • Hair may be styled any way you choose, including short hair.
  • The procedure is undetectable. No stitches or staples.
  • No visible linear scarring on the back of the head.
  • No punch scarring in the donor area.
  • Quick healing with little to no pain or discomfort.
  • The procedure can camouflage pre-existing linear scars from prior hair transplants.

Your hair transplant plan

Your Moy – Fincher – Chipps hair transplant specialist will work with you to create a hair transplant plan that serves your needs and will deliver the most natural look. Your natural hairline and hair growth patterns will be respected to assure your natural patterns and density are restored.

Step 1: The donor areas are cleaned, numbed and shaved.

Then the donor hair is harvested from the donor areas chosen.  The hair is harvested from the areas of the scalp unaffected by male pattern baldness. Each individual follicular unit containing 1-3 hairs is gently removed with negative pressure to retain the same direction, angle and diameter. The donor area will heal within a week with no evidence of scarring or thinning.

Step 2: Graft Selection

Once the grafts are harvested, they are sorted by size, angulation and diameter. Hair grows at different angles depending on the location on the scalp. To create the most natural looking result, each single unit is separated from other multiple units.

Step 3: The Recipient site is created based on your natural hairline, your age and gender.

The recipient sites have been chosen when your personalized hair transplant plan was made, based on the depth and angulation of each graft for graft viability and for natural looking results. The recipient sites are cleaned and prepared for transplantation.

Step 4: The “no touch” placement of the grafts

The “no touch” placement ensures the follicles remain moist and viable for transplantation. Your Moy – Fincher – Chipps hair transplant specialist will choose the proper depth and angulation of each graft to ensure maximum graft “take rate” – the rate at which the graft takes hold in the recipient area and to create natural looking results. The new follicles will rest and then re- grow new hair in the grafted areas.

Contact Moy – Fincher – Chipps to schedule a hair restoration appointment where you can learn more and find out if you are a good candidate for hair transplantation with Neograft.

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