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In the world of regenerative medicine, there has been enormous excitement around the use of natural factors to stimulate wound healing, decrease pain, repair joints, and restore joint function. Orthopedists are increasingly able to spare their patients surgery, while using completely natural products isolated from the blood. The key behind this technology lies in the body’s incredible ability to heal when exposed to a precise combination of factors. Platelets, a component of red blood cells, play a central role in this process by recruiting numerous growth factors, stem cells, and other restorative molecules to accelerate and maximize wound healing. When platelets are injected into failing or injured joints, they transform and repair them to a younger healthier state.

Recently, this concept of using platelets and healing factors has been applied to skin rejuvenation. When we age, our skin loses its youthful elasticity as our underlying collagen support structure breaks down. Eventually, this leads to poor complexion, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Because of their reparative capabilities, platelets can help reverse these changes.

We are excited to offer Regeneo, a precisely engineered product derived from your own blood, which infuses the highest available platelet concentrations directly into your skin. Regeneo can be used alone or combined with almost all of our laser and facial treatments to maximize natural youthfulness.

Regenerative Rejuvenation at its purest state has finally arrived!

What is Regeneo?

Regeneo is a completely natural combination of regenerative factors used to maximize skin rejuvenation. Regeneo is harvested from your own blood using precision German technology that isolates the highest concentrations of platelets and growth factors available on the market. Regeneo can be applied to the skin after many laser and microneedling procedures, as well as injected into the skin with or without traditional soft tissue fillers.

How does Regeneo work?

By using the highest available concentration of platelets, Regeneo stimulates collagen remodeling and production naturally. Platelets are critical components in our blood that actively recruit growth factors, stem cells, and healing molecules that promote skin healing and remodeling. When applied to the skin after laser procedures or injected under lines or in hollows, Regeneo restores facial volume, smooths wrinkles, and maximizes skin radiance.

What are the benefits of Regeneo?

Because Regeneo is derived from your own blood, it is a completely natural product and has virtually no chance of an allergic reaction or looking artificial. Its super-high concentration of platelets also accelerates wound healing. When applied to the skin after resurfacing laser procedures, it speeds healing time while enhancing laser results.

What makes Regeneo different from other platelet rich plasma products?

There are many platelet manufacturing technologies on the market, but many yield inferior platelet concentrations. Reneneo is based on German technology that isolates the highest numbers routinely. When compared to 9 other leading manufactures, concentrations of platelets from the Regeneo system were the very highest by up to 4 times. This technology is only available in a few select centers in the United States. Super athletes still travel to Germany for joint platelet injections for a reason!

Is Regeneo safe?

Yes! Because Regeneo is derived from your own blood, it is biocompatible and absorbed without allergic or irritant reactions. Regeneo is only isolated by our Board-Certified physicians, so you receive superior, safe product at each treatment session.

How long does a Regeneo procedure take?

Isolation of Regeneo takes about 20 minutes, but your total treatment time will depend on if you are combining Regeneo with another procedure, which may range from 20-60 minutes.

Is there downtime with Regeneo?

Downtime of Regeneo depends on which procedures you are using with this technology. For virtually no downtime, it can be combined with invigorating facials. When used with our most intense resurfacing lasers, healing may continue for 5-7 days after your treatment.

How frequently should I use Regeneo?

We typically recommend a series of 3-6 treatments depending on your aesthetic goals. Because it can be used directly on the skin after many treatments, it is ideal to use it with maintenance laser treatments for continued rejuvenation.

Is everyone a candidate for Regeneo?

Yes! Because Regeneo is derived from your own blood, it is safe for anyone to use. It can be used safely in all ages and on all skin types and colors.

How should I prepare before my treatment?

It’s best to schedule a consultation, so that one of our Board-Certified physicians can best assess your treatment goals and recommend the most tailored treatment protocol for you.

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